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If you have any questions about how or why I do what I do,  what tools I use to accomplish it, or anything at all (really), please ask.

I've used many formats of photographic equipment, many processes and have developed a versatility that is surprising even to me.

I can take studio light into the forest or use window light in the studio. Spontaneity is an attribute that I actually practice, even though that may seem oxymoronic (which, if it isn't a word, should be).
I won't verbally repeat the visual information you can see by browsing this website. But if you have an interest in my ability to photograph other subjects, or in specific locations, please send me an email to express your interests. I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

You can visit my other websites to see images I've made independant of obligation, except to my personal inclinations (linked below).
But truthfully, many of the images on this site were created without contracts.

Get in touch,  let's see what happens... t
I make photographs for many reasons,
but everything just looks more interesting through a lens.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, US of A, very close to where I grew up.
I live in my studio, just east of Atlanta in a neighborhood called Morningside.
Me (left) with my brother Pete, on Merrit Island,
circa 1960
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